THIS National Children’s Medal Final Past Winners

Faith Schuttemeyer and Blackjack. Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

Keep reading for more information on the young riders who claimed victory in the THIS National Children’s Medal Final, from 1994 to 2023.

2023 Faith Schuttemeyer

2022 Lily Epstein

2021 Abigail Gordon

​2020 Schuyler Dayner

​2019 Eleanor Rudnicki

2018 Avery Glynn

2017 Augusta Iwasaki

2016 Alexa Aureliano

2015 Catalina Peralta

2014 Hayley Iannotti

2013 John Porter

2012 Sydney Hutchins

2011 Pilar Flournoy

2010 Molly Peddicord

2009 Sylvia DeToledo

2008 Kristen Mohr

2007 Taylor Ann Adams

​2006 Lila Abboud

2005 Katie Kramer

2004 Lindsey Mohr

2003 Eileen McNamara

2002 Shelby Wakeman

2001 Lauren Hester

2000 Alison La Joie

1999 Carly Turecamo

1998 Katelyn Denby

1997 Laura Sexton

1996 Maureen O’Neill

1995 Mathew Brown

1994 Kayte Decker

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